The city performs itself.
The act of walking is to the urban system what the speech act is to language or to the statements uttered.
Michel de Certeau, The Practice of Everyday Life, 1984

p.u.r.e. – performative urban research ensemble – is an ongoing project of a collective of interdisciplinary artists, launched in 2016 by Jagna Anderson together with Dodi Helschinger, María Ferrara, Maya Raghavan, Susanne Soldan and Karine Thomas.

p.u.r.e. considers the city as a performative process – in which we are all taking part – and the urban space as a relational space, being constantly produced by perceptive and performative acts.

p.u.r.e. reinterprets such artistic strategies as Situationists’ dérive or Beuys’s social sculpture. We explore the realm in-between of multi sensorial perception and performative intervention. Led likewise by the question how does the city shape us? and how do we shape the city? we keep developing our own relational & radically minimalist aesthetics of urban performance.

Our fundamental research resource is the practice of city walks, an extended multisensorial version of a sound walk, which becomes also an urban performance approach.

p.u.r.e. walks are emancipatory interruptions of the public space and catalysts for the new playgrounds of the common city.

The richness of this practice has inspired us to open it to external participants.

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p.u.r.e. are
Jagna Anderson
María Ferrara
Dodi Helschinger
Susanne Soldan
Karine Thomas
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